About Us

Consultative technical sales provided by Hank Lander, a 35-year communication professional.  The focus is on your business, using our four-step process to enhance and improve communications

  • In-depth analysis of your business operations.
  • Provide voice & data solutions based on the need's assessment.
  • Design and install systems that are simple and easy to use.
  • Provide training to insure personnel productivity

Our Products for Sale, Lease, or Rent are:

  1. VOIP Telephone Systems manufactured by NEC or Mitel (Inter-Tel).
  2. Internet and Telephone Lines and Circuits
  3. Call Center Technology: Automatic Call Distribution, Supervision and Reports.
  4. Computer Database “Screen-Pop” based on Caller-id.
  5. Confirm-It Appointment Reminder System
  6. Digital Voice Recorders.
  7. Security Camera Systems
  8. Access Control
  9. Cabling and Wiring for the telephone systems, paging, CCTV, and computer networks.